Gum Disease: The Gum Recession Warning

Gum Disease

Gum recession is a major warning sign that you may be suffering from gum disease. With this being said if you are experiencing gum recession it’s very important that you immediately make an appointment with your dentist. When it comes to maintaining your oral health preventative care is the first step with this in mind brushing and flossing regularly is highly important, but even the best preventative measures can’t always prevent you from developing gum recession. The next step in making sure you are doing your best to maintain your oral health is to have regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist.

Gum Disease Risk Factors
Although, there are some patients who are predisposed to developing gum disease possibly due to their family’s dental history. There are also habits or behaviors you can engage in that increase the likelihood that you will develop gum disease. To learn more, review the most prominent risk factors listed below:

  • Poor dental care
  • An unhealthy diet
  • Teeth grinding
  • The use of tobacco products
  • Lip or tongue piercings

Schedule A Consultation
If you have a better understanding of the above risk factors this will help you avoid these activities or engaging in these kinds of behaviors. The ultimate preventative measure in addition to avoiding these risk factors is to maintain regularly scheduled dental appointments and cleanings with your dentist.
They have the advanced technology and the professional experience to identify if you are developing gum recession especially because the effects of gum recession can be very subtle or hard to identify. Schedule an appointment with us to get an in-person consultation and examination with our dentist.

4 Reasons Not to Ignore Signs of Gum Disease

Signs of Gum Disease

For some of our patients, trips to the dentist are reserved only for issues with their teeth, such as a painful cavity or potential infection. They may not necessarily always remember to schedule their regular cleanings and checkups with their general dentist, which could be a dangerous practice. Dr. Mauricio Martinez, in Cape Coral, Florida strives to warn patients about the dangers of ignoring gum disease and skipping regular dental care with your provider. Neglecting your gums can have dire consequences on your oral health. Here are four problems you could be facing.

1. Humiliating Bad Breath

Nobody wants to be the person in the group that known for the bad, right? Of course not. Dealing with embarrassing bad breath should be reason alone to not ignore signs of gum disease. But unfortunately for most patients, they just write it off as they ate something bad most times. Tragically, this issue can go on for years unless someone tells you about their experience with your problem.

2. Painful and Swollen Gums

Most patients dealing with early gum disease initially acknowledge something isn’t right when they start to see blood in the sink after brushing. Their gums can begin to feel increasingly sensitive and slightly swollen soon after. Seeing a periodontist is vital for reducing any other signs or symptoms of gum disease.

3. Increased Instances of Gum Recession

Your chances of gum recession can greatly increase as well if early signs of gum disease are ignored for too long. Gum recession typically occurs when the tissue covering your teeth starts to erode. This exposes your mouth to new areas for bacteria to build-up to fester.

4. Progressively Potential for Tooth Loss

Those suffering from the more advanced stages of gum disease will usually experience some type of tooth loss. This can present itself as rapid tooth decay or just a good old fashion missing the tooth. Retreating, agonizing gums become even less steady for your teeth, which in the end begin to extricate. Preventing further tooth loss at this point becomes costly with the need for dental implants or other restorative services.

By and large, the discomfort and inconvenience of dealing with gum disease can be avoided if treated as soon as possible. Contact Dr. Martinez at his offices located in Cape Coral, Florida to discover how to handle your gum issues and restore your mouth to its top form.