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Digital Smile Design Cape Coral FL

Visualize Your New Smile Before Treatment Begins

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An Advanced Solution to Achieving Your Perfect Smile

Today, most patients not only visit the dentist to achieve healthier teeth and gums. They also want a smile that leaves them looking and feeling their absolute best. Dr. Mauricio Martinez is excited to offer the Cape Coral, FL, community Digital Smile Design – an advanced software program that blends real-time videography and imaging with state-of-the-art digital technology. Our Digital Smile Design program uses both dental and facial features to conceptualize how your smile will look after cosmetic dentistry procedures are complete. With Digital Smile Design, you get to see your new smile before you even begin treatment!

The Digital Smile Design Process

Our Digital Smile Design process is patient-centered, and allows you to be involved in creating the smile you want right from the start. We begin by discussing the features you would like to change about your smile. Dr. Martinez and our team will then take photos of your teeth and smile, and enter this data into our software. A digital mock-up is generated, revealing the ideal shape, color and proportion of teeth in relation to your face and smile. Impressions of your mouth are then taken and Dr. Martinez integrates the digital design into a physical resin model of your teeth. The final step is to determine if the Digital Smile Design creation meets your cosmetic goals and start the process of achieving your new smile!

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  • Digital Technology That Allows You To See Your Smile Before Your Treatment

Digital Smile Design Offers Incredible Advantages

  • Increases predictability
  • Improves diagnostic planning
  • Delivers customized, natural-looking smiles
  • Provides realistic images of final results
  • Includes patient in treatment planning process
  • Enhances communication between staff and patients

Want to See Your New Smile Even Before Receiving Treatment?

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