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Soft Tissue Recontouring Cape Coral FL

Reshape Your Smile for Enhanced Health & Appearance

What is Soft Tissue Recontouring?

Soft tissue recontouring, also known as crown lengthening, is a cosmetic dentistry procedure Dr. Mauricio Martinez routinely performs to enhance the appearance and function of the gums and smile. The gums not only serve to protect tooth structure, they also frame your teeth and contribute to cosmetic appeal. But when too much gum tissue is present around the teeth, appearance and even oral health suffers. Soft tissue contouring procedures offer Cape Coral, FL, patients simple solutions for correcting functional and esthetic concerns with the gums, and may be used to create a balanced smile or enable restoration of a damaged tooth.

Transform a Gummy Smile with Soft Tissue Recontouring

When excess of overgrown gum tissue causes cosmetic concerns, Dr. Martinez easily transforms the smile with soft tissue recontouring. We use our gentle soft tissue laser to reduce and reshape the gum line, revealing greater surface area of the teeth and a balanced, even smile. Reshaping the gum line not only enhances tooth-to-gum ratio to create a gorgeous smile for Cape Coral, FL, patients – it also improves gum health by minimizing spaces in which harmful bacteria hide. Soft tissue recontouring immediately eliminates the look of a “gummy smile” and teeth that appear too short.

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When Soft Tissue Recontouring Meets Functional Needs

Teeth that have decay or damage at or below the gum line are difficult to treat and restore. Soft tissue recontouring lengthens the exposed surface area of a tooth by removing a small amount of gum tissue (and sometimes bone), providing access to the treatment area. This creates the available space and tooth structure needed for Dr. Martinez to fully restore a damaged tooth with a dental crown or filling.

Do You Have a Gummy Smile or Uneven Gum Line?

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