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Sedation Dentistry Creates Comfortable, Enjoyable Visits

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Leave Your Fear and Anxiety at the Door

Dental anxiety and fear keep many Cape Coral, FL, patients from enjoying the healthy, happy smiles they deserve. Some patients are averse to the general dental office environment while others have more complex treatment needs. Dr. Mauricio Martinez and our team want you to actually enjoy your dental visits! We are pleased to offer sedation dentistry services that effectively diminish anxiety and worry over receiving treatment. Let our sedation dentistry services put your fears to rest and change your relationship with dentistry, and ultimately our smile.

Our Sedation Dentistry Services

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is ideal for moderate to severe dental anxiety and involves taking a prescription sedative pill one hour before your visit. The effects produce a blissful calm and relaxed feeling, leaving you uncaring about your dental procedure. Since oral sedation takes a few hours to wear off, a companion should drive you to and from your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a clear and odorless gas inhaled before and during your procedure. This dental sedation option induces a relaxed, euphoric sensation, the effects of which immediately subside once the gas is no longer inhaled. Nitrous oxide carries no aftereffects, leaving you able to function normally following your treatment

The Wand® Anesthesia

Dr. Martinez combines local anesthesia with our effective sedation dentistry options. To improve patient comfort, he uses The Wand Anesthesia, a computer-controlled system for numbing tissues and delivering the right amount of anesthetic to individual teeth. With The Wand, you never have to worry about waiting for collateral numbness of the lips, cheeks or tongue to wear off.

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Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry changes dental experiences, enabling Cape Coral, FL, patients to get the life-changing care needed for a healthy, beautiful smile. When you feel relaxed and calm, our team is better able to treat your needs. Sedation dentistry also allows you to:

  • Eliminate tooth pain
  • Protect surrounding teeth
  • Restore or maintain oral health
  • Halt spread of infection or bacteria

Sedation dentistry can help you achieve the oral health and smile you deserve, without the fear.