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Dentures Cape Coral FL

Modern Dentures Offer a Return to Comfortable Living

Enjoy Life After Tooth Loss with Effective Denture Solutions

Dentures are a common solution to tooth loss and a viable restorative dentistry solution for some patients. Today’s modern dentures are superior to those of the past and allow patients with failing or missing teeth restored ability to eat, speak and smile with greater comfort and confidence. As a leading dentist, Dr. Mauricio Martinez has 15 years of experience in helping Cape Coral, FL, patients replace missing teeth with lifelike removable dentures. He and our team also offer the option of implant supported dentures , which attach securely to dental implants positioned within the jaw for increased stability and longevity.

dentures Cape Coral FL

The Right Denture for Your Needs

Dr. Martinez partners with our trusted dental lab to custom-craft full and partial dentures with the finest materials. Full dentures replace an entire upper or lower arch of missing teeth and are designed to replicate the shape and color of natural teeth and gums. These dentures are held in place by natural jaw contours or a small bit of denture paste. Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth and are secured in place by attaching to existing teeth through resin or metal clasps. Blending with surrounding teeth, partial dentures give the appearance of teeth that rise naturally from the gum line.

Why Cape Coral, FL Patients Choose Dentures

  • Restore biting and chewing function
  • Enhance speaking and communication
  • Made of lightweight, esthetic materials
  • Customized to fit your jaw and facial structure
  • Renew self-confidence
  • Increase living quality
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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Don’t Let Tooth Loss Keep you From Enjoying Life!

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