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Tip-Edge® Orthodontics Cape Coral FL

Achieve a Straight Smile in Less Time, Fewer Visits and Greater Comfort

What Are Tip-Edge Orthodontics?

Tip-Edge orthodontics is a minimally invasive, esthetic approach to straightening the smile. Many Cape Coral, FL, patients find Tip-Edge orthodontics ideal for opening or closing the bite and correcting crooked teeth, crowding and other oral concerns. Tip-Edge orthodontics differ from traditional braces in that the system tips the teeth to their desired position and then uprights the root, as opposed to dredging teeth through the bone. This makes the teeth easier to move and the process more comfortable for the patient. Dr. Mauricio Martinez has extensive training Tip-Edge orthodontics and is proud to offer this advanced solution to our family of patients. Schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Mauricio Martinez to learn if Tip-Edge orthodontics fit your lifestyle, treatment needs and smile goals.

How Tip-Edge Orthodontics Work

Tip-Edge brackets are a patented design that provides predictable, programmed treatment throughout the entire orthodontics process. Less force on the teeth in the early stages of treatment allows for gentle tooth movement and an improved overall experience for Cape Coral, FL, patients. Tip-Edge ceramic brackets are highly esthetic in nature and feature Personalized Color-Matching Technology that lets your brackets adjust and blend seamlessly with the natural color of your teeth. Tip-Edge orthodontics combines tooth-colored brackets and wires for a nearly invisible approach to getting the straight, beautiful smile you deserve!

dental braces patient smiling after procedure Cape Coral FL

Benefits of Tip-Edge Orthodontics Over Traditional Braces

  • Fewer appointments
  • Greater comfort
  • Proven treatment results
  • Positive patient experiences
  • Minimal lip and cheek irritation
  • Reduction in food traps
  • Easier to maintain with homecare

Looking for a Straighter Smile?

Enjoy a straight, beautiful smile the easy way with Tip-Edge orthodontics!