Cosmetic Dentistry: Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

Invest in your oral health this winter by getting your teeth whitened this winter. Your smile is a huge part of your overall appearance and whitening your teeth will improve the aesthetic appeal of your teeth. Although there are at home teeth whitening products professional teeth whitening will give the most long-lasting results.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening
They have in home whitening kits and toothpastes that include whitening agents in them, but if you are looking for a long-lasting tooth whitening experience then professional teeth whitening is your best option. Review some of the benefits of getting your teeth whitened by a professional dentist below:

  • Also, with a professional dentist your results will be predictable 
  • Professional teeth whitening is faster than in home whitening 
  • Ability to select and receive your preferred shade of whiteness 
  • Professional treatment means a decrease in treatment discomfort

Make Over Your Smile This Winter

If you are considering teeth whitening, then there is no better time to do it then right now. Why not brighten your smile during this cold weather and add some warmth. Schedule your consultation with our dentist to discuss our teeth whitening options. We look forward to brightening your smile this winter.

Gum Disease: The Gum Recession Warning

Gum Disease

Gum recession is a major warning sign that you may be suffering from gum disease. With this being said if you are experiencing gum recession it’s very important that you immediately make an appointment with your dentist. When it comes to maintaining your oral health preventative care is the first step with this in mind brushing and flossing regularly is highly important, but even the best preventative measures can’t always prevent you from developing gum recession. The next step in making sure you are doing your best to maintain your oral health is to have regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist.

Gum Disease Risk Factors
Although, there are some patients who are predisposed to developing gum disease possibly due to their family’s dental history. There are also habits or behaviors you can engage in that increase the likelihood that you will develop gum disease. To learn more, review the most prominent risk factors listed below:

  • Poor dental care
  • An unhealthy diet
  • Teeth grinding
  • The use of tobacco products
  • Lip or tongue piercings

Schedule A Consultation
If you have a better understanding of the above risk factors this will help you avoid these activities or engaging in these kinds of behaviors. The ultimate preventative measure in addition to avoiding these risk factors is to maintain regularly scheduled dental appointments and cleanings with your dentist.
They have the advanced technology and the professional experience to identify if you are developing gum recession especially because the effects of gum recession can be very subtle or hard to identify. Schedule an appointment with us to get an in-person consultation and examination with our dentist.