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When Tooth Extractions Improve Oral Health

Losing natural teeth is never easy, and we always do our best to save teeth. However, in some cases, tooth extractions offer the best way to improve oral health. Severely decayed, broken, worn, abscessed or impacted teeth can cause pain and swelling, and pose a threat to your oral and general health. Leaving these teeth in the mouth only increases your risk of further oral problems and treatment needs. Dr. Mauricio Martinez performs skilled general and wisdom tooth extractions to eliminate tooth pain and other symptoms that may be keeping you from enjoying a healthy, comfortable smile.

Virtually Pain-Free General and Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Many Cape Coral, FL, patients are fearful of tooth extractions and how their smiles will look after losing a tooth. Dr. Martinez is proud to offer gentle, nearly painless tooth extractions and lifelike tooth replacement to restore health and beauty to your smile. We evaluate the need for tooth extractions through low-radiation digital x-rays and a clinical exam. Dr. Martinez thoroughly numbs treatment areas and offers sedation dentistry options to calm any fears. He uses expert skill to gently remove problematic teeth or impacted wisdom teeth without harming the jawbone, nerves or surrounding teeth. Our caring team then provides post-op instructions for proper healing of extraction sites.

Tooth Extractions for Dental Implant Prep

Dental implants are preferred among Cape Coral, FL, patients for replacing extracted teeth for their lifelike functional and esthetic benefits. In some cases, Dr. Martinez can perform tooth extractions and implant placement within the same visit. For others, we may preserve extraction sites by placing bone grafting material directly into sockets left in the bone by tooth roots. As a full-service implant dentist, Dr. Martinez has the advanced expertise to prepare your jaw for successful tooth replacement with dental implants.
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Advantages of Tooth Extractions

  • Relieve tooth pain
  • Reduce oral and systemic risks
  • Improve oral health
  • Prepare for dental implants
  • Eliminate impacted wisdom teeth
  • Minimize risk of bite misalignment

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