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Laser dentistry treatments and services have been serving smiles since being introduced to dentist offices as early as 1994. In 20 years, the number of services that lasers can provide has drastically increased, with an upsurge of activity from densest who look forward to making precise treatments possible with lasers.

One of the most important uses for lasers in dentistry is in teeth whitening treatments. With professional teeth whitening treatments administered at your dentist office, specialized gels are used to remove stains and discolorations. When placed on your teeth, they are often activated by light sources such as lasers.

Laser dentistry is also useful for root canals, canker sore removals, and cavities. Although lasers do not fill in cavities or finish root canal treatments, they do prepare teeth for the procedures to come. Lasers are used to remove excess gum tissue or bacteria that may be affecting the health of a tooth. With lasers, you can ensure your teeth will be cleaned and clear before any type of procedure begins. Laser dentistry is also used in oral cancer biopsies and lesion removals.

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