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Did you know there are quite a few things you’ll need to do if you’re interested in protecting your little one’s oral health? For example, might already know that you should help your kids clean their teeth. Still, even if you brush and floss your little one’s teeth regularly, do you worry about how your child’s teeth are developing? While everyone’s teeth follow a different schedule, there are approximate guidelines your little one should follow.

Most children will have their first tooth erupt when they’re between six and ten months old. Many children will have all of their baby teeth by the time they’re two, but some children won’t have their last tooth until they’re three.

You should also know that children usually lose their teeth in the order that they erupt. Typically, your little one’s first tooth should fall out when they’re around six years old. Still, please remember to contact our team if your child loses a tooth before they’re four and a half or younger. You see, baby teeth are very important since they’ll help the adult teeth erupt properly. If your little one’s teeth aren’t loose before they’re eight years old, we suggest giving us a call.

If you’d like to hear more about when your child should gain or lose teeth in Cape Coral, Florida, please don’t hesitate to contact Gulf Coast Smiles by calling 239.549.0001. Our dentist, Dr. Mauricio Martinez, and our team will gladly assess your teeth and offer you advice. Were eager to meet with you.