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The risk of oral accidents and injuries is always present throughout your life. No matter how old or young you may be, your mouth is always at risk of suffering dental damage in several different ways. To help keep your smile safe, you will need to always exercise caution with any risks that can befall your smile at any time. This includes being aware of what to do afterward. Here are some examples:

– If you are concerned about an oral emergency such as a lost dental filling or lost crown, it is important to visit your dentist to have them repaired. If you lose a dental filling, you will need to stick a piece of chewing gum into the cavity. Make sure the chewing gum is sugar-free. If you lose a crown, cover up the vulnerable area with a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil.

– Teeth that have been knocked out can lead to severe dental damage if they are not repaired or replaced. If you have suffered damage from a tooth that is knocked out, retrieve the tooth and place it in a liquid solution. It may be possible for your dentist to reinsert the tooth at a later time. Ideally, you should see your dentist within one hour of losing a tooth for the best chance of having it returned safely to your mouth.

– In moments where you have any chipped or broken teeth, you will need to rinse out your mouth with warm water. Also, be sure to rinse away any debris and apply gauze until bleeding has stopped. If bleeding persists after 10 minutes of pressure, visit your hospital.

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