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Are you aware of the risks associated with lost or missing teeth? Even a single missing tooth can potentially increase your risk of tooth decay and gum destabilization, and can even cause other healthy teeth to move out of place. Thus, tooth prosthetics, such as dentures, will need to be used to restore your smile and provide the functions necessary for a complete and happy set of teeth.

Restoring your smile with dentures can reverse numerous impairments to your oral health that may have arisen due to lost teeth. If you wish to take care of your dentures properly, you will need to remove them nightly and soak them in a denture-cleaning solution. This will help ensure that they remain clean and safe for use. Be sure to always rinse off your dentures before placing them back into your mouth after you clean them.

Never leave your sitting out, as they can slowly dry out and crack, which will cause them to fit improperly in your mouth. If for any reason your dentures end up damaged, visit our dentist for a replacement or repairs. Lastly, avoid using overly abrasive products on your dentures, as they can cause damage to your appliance. Abrasive products can include teeth whiteners, hot water, and bleach.

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