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Are you aware of the relationship between diabetes and your oral health? Diabetes is a health condition in which your body’s ability to process sugar is damaged. Oftentimes, individuals will suffer from Type I diabetes where they do not make enough insulin or Type II diabetes where your body stops responding to insulin. In both cases, various problems with your eyes, nerves, heart, kidneys and your oral health can arise.

Diabetes affects your smile because it can delay recovery time. If you have recently undergone an extraction or other tooth restoration treatment, diabetes can make you less likely to recover quickly. Furthermore, it can increase your risk for dry mouth and lower saliva production in your mouth. Diabetes is also linked to complications associated with gum disease, as gum disease increases your blood sugar levels. To help ensure that diabetes does not negatively affect your smile, you may need to provide additional care for your oral health by cleaning and eating healthier than others. When visiting our dentist, let them know you have diabetes so that the appropriate care can be administered.

If you have diabetes, you are welcome to visit your dentist at Gulf Coast Smiles for oral health care treatment. To set forth an appointment with Dr. Mauricio Martinez at our dental office in Cape Coral, Florida, you can call us at 239.549.0001.