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To help make sure your smile has the best chance of oral health success, you may need to assess all foods in your diet and eliminate ones that continually target your teeth and gums. If left untreated, your teeth can be extra vulnerable to dental erosion and tooth decay simply by the products you are consuming. Not only can products weaken and expose the inner workings of your teeth, but they can also even cause oral accidents such as chipped and cracked teeth.

Be aware of any hard products in your diet that can easily chip and crack your teeth. Even if you have eaten products in the past and have successfully bitten into products like candy apples, be aware that your teeth may have weakened over time and are more vulnerable to damage. Always exercise caution before biting into any hard products.

Beyond overly hard snacks and treats, be aware of those that are heavily laden with ingredients that can lead to dental erosion. Dental erosion is a condition in which various snacks that you may consume slowly wear down your tooth enamel. Everything from acidic drinks and foods to sour and starchy products can leave you susceptible to erosion, so exercise caution with products that can wear through your enamel.

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