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When a strong force knocks out a tooth from your smile, it can also create destructive amounts of dental trauma that leave the dentist unable to save or restore the tooth. When this happens, the best solution may be to remove the remaining tooth root and tooth pieces so that they don’t cause discomfort or dental infection. Receiving a dental bridge can restore your smile after you have had a tooth knocked out by accident.

Following the full healing of your gums, Gulf Coast Smiles can provide a custom-made dental bridge to fill the gap. Your bridge is an artificial tooth crafted in the image of your natural tooth and set in a base that has hollow dental crowns at each end to anchor to abutments produced from neighboring teeth to keep your bridge secure. Dr. Mauricio Martinez forms these two abutments by extracting the layer of tooth enamel without touching the inner dentin layer that protects the pulp and tooth roots.

Then, a detailed impression of these abutments and your surrounding bite pattern are given to a professional dental lab so that your new dental bridge can be custom crafted. Before it’s completed, we can place temporary crowns that are hard plastic to protect the exposed abutments.

At your brief second appointment, we discard the temporary crowns and cement your final dental bridge into place. Please contact Gulf Coast Smiles at 239.549.0001 today if you have lost a tooth and are interested in receiving a dental bridge in Cape Coral, Florida, from our dentist and team.