A Partial Denture Can Sometimes Be Used to Temporarily Replace the Function of Multiple Missing Teeth

If periodontal disease goes untreated the chronic gum inflammation and infection can have a significant affect the health of your teeth. In time, it could cause your gums to recede as pockets of infection buildup near the roots of your teeth. In time, it could even cause a loss of bone structure in your jaw…. Read more »

Leukoplakia: A Mouth Sore

Leukoplakia is a dental disease where thick, white areas develop on the gums, the insides of the cheeks and the bottom of the oral cavity. They cannot be scraped off, and they can sometimes be cancerous. Although there is no clear answer as to the true cause behind the onset of leukoplakia, numerous dentists think… Read more »

Correcting Issues That Arise with Toothbrush Techniques

Each day you should be brushing your teeth at least twice every day. This adds up to a lot of work for your toothbrush. However, most toothbrushes are extremely effective at cleaning and caring for your teeth. However, they will wear down over time. Fortunately, there are many techniques you can use to extend the… Read more »

Improper Tooth Alignment Can Lead to Problems

Ideally, your teeth should be aligned in such a way as to meet one another without causing damage. However, the aging process, the loss of teeth, and other factors may change the alignment of your bite. If the problem is not addressed, you may experience fractures or chips in your teeth, or a loss of… Read more »

Healthy Food Choices for a Healthy Smile

Are you eating foods and drinks that are good for your waistline and your gum line? Tooth decay and gum disease are often the result of bad oral hygiene, but brushing and flossing are two things you can do. What you put into your mouth is also crucial to keeping your teeth and gums in… Read more »

Facts About Gum Disease

Gum disease is much more prevalent that you may think. As startling as it may sound, approximately one out of every two adults in America suffer from gum disease. The most common form of gum disease is gingivitis. It is caused by a buildup of plaque below your gumline,which contains bacteria. You body reacts to… Read more »

Whiten Your Teeth at Home With Our Professional Whitening Treatment

Unfortunately, an unattractive smile can affect your life more than you might want it to. It could make socializing as well as working a little difficult and even embarrassing. This is why you need a teeth whitening treatment! Fortunately, Dr. and our dental team offer a professional whitening treatment that you can use in the… Read more »

Conventional Wisdom About Chewing Gum

While sugarless gum has dental benefits, your jaw and mouth also need to be in proper condition if you wish to enjoy those benefits. Here are a few tips and some conventional wisdom as it relates to chewing gum: – Chewing sugarless gum is very beneficial after meals because it helps increase the saliva flow… Read more »

A Tooth with Compromised Enamel Might Need a Crown

Your tooth enamel layer is designed to be hard enough to handle the daily rigors of chewing food as well as resist bacterial tooth decay. Yet it is possible for uncorrected alignment issues to gradually wear down an area of tooth enamel. If it’s not caught in a timely manner, this dental attrition could cause… Read more »

Is Plaque a Major Risk for Your Oral Health?

Is plaque a major risk for your oral health? When plaque begins to build up over time in your mouth, it can begin to adapt substances such as sugars into harmful acids that are capable of eating through tooth enamel. When the harmful acids erode through the tooth enamel, a hole forms, called a cavity…. Read more »